Imagine you’re building your app on the Bullet Train starter kit and thinking…

“Wouldn’t it be nice to add a chart right here”.

Screenshot of a Bullet Train app with the a space for an eventual chart is highlighted

And then running this super-scaffold command in the terminal:

      $ bin/super-scaffold supercharts:chart ClickThrough Team

And having a chart of “Click Throughs Per Day” appear in your app. Plop!

Screenshot of a Bullet Train app with the scaffolded chart shown



by Pascal Laliberté

Add charts to a Bullet Train Rails app

The same way you super-scaffold a resource.

Because you’re too busy to learn the chart part.

Start here:

See instructions on GitHub

How It Works

      $ bin/super-scaffold supercharts:chart ClickThrough Team

That super-scaffold command comes from Bullet Train, the Ruby on Rails starter kit, and it has some smarts:

Exclusively for Bullet Train

Bullet Train is a Ruby on Rails starter kit by Andrew Culver.

Check it out if:

  1. you’re starting a new business idea, or
  2. if you’re building an on-the-side app to do something separate from your main business (e.g. an analytics app)

That super-scaffold command comes from Bullet Train, and it lets you build whole CRUD UIs really quickly. It’s really not your standard Rails scaffolding.

Supercharts is a third-party Bullet Train plugin that uses that same super-scaffolding approach under the hood.

What’s great is that it builds on Bullet Train’s solid foundation:

“Okay, take me to the project on GitHub”. There you will find installation instructions, a full example on how to use Supercharts, and a list of ways to modify the chart.

By default, it’s per day, but you can change that.

Click Throughs per day is the default. But let’s see a few other examples:

For more of the under the hood smarts, see the groupdate gem by Andrew Kane, which powers Supercharts.

A pretty chart, without learning what makes a chart pretty

I’ve made Supercharts for those of you who want a pretty chart but are too busy with other stuff to get into the headspace of learning how a chart is put together.

It’s omakase. “I leave the choices up to you”.

For you, the hard part is the chart part?

Alongside Supercharts, I offer my services over at Useful if you’ve got a big project going but your team is too small for the charting expertise.

Also useful if there’s a custom chart you need that’s different from Supercharts.

Speaking of different charts…

Supercharts has one free chart for now, maybe more PRO charts in the future?

I’m thinking there might be some new charts and some nice extras I can bundle into a PRO tier. We’ll see?

If you want to stay in the loop, here’s an announcements-only email list. On sign up, I’ll ask you if there’s a particular chart you’d like to see developed, but otherwise, I’ll only send you emails on new developments.

One last thing…
A Bullet Train theme made for Supercharts

Transmission is a new theme for Bullet Train that’s made for Supercharts. It’s now in pre-order, and it’s going to be available in the first months of 2023.